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Windsor & Essex County is Canada's southernmost county. Sitting at the same latitude as northern California, it has become one of the most agriculturally productive counties in the country. It offers recreational, cultural and professional options that are numerous and inviting. County's many historic and scenic attractions, miles of shoreline and beaches, and its sunny climate make it an attractive place to visit or live in.From fishing villages and farming communities, to a metropolitan area hailed as one of Canada's leading technology and manufacturing centres, the Windsor-Essex Region has it all. Originating in 1750 as a small French settlement along the Detroit River, this is a typical southern Ontario region.  

Windsor offers cultural and historical sites, lush gardens and natural areas, gaming, international restaurants, events and festivals. Being the southernmost area in Canada, it has mild temperatures and warmer seasons. It has a top-notch university, and many excellent employment opportunities. Windsor has so much to offer! 


The Essex County Region is situated on a peninsula of land that juts out into the mid-west United States. It is Canada's southernmost county, covering the area at the tip of Southwestern Ontario.The Region occupies the extreme southwestern tip of Ontario, and is in fact a peninsula, surrounded by water on three sides and where the United States lies to the north (Michigan), south (Ohio) and west (Michigan).  

Windsor is the southernmost city in Canada. It lies at the western end of the Quebec City-Windsor Corridor. Windsor is across the Detroit River and Lake St. Clair from Detroit, Michigan. It is one of the busiest ports of entry into Canada and is connected to Detroit by the Ambassador Bridge, the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel, and a Canadian Pacific Railway tunnel.  

Windsor is located just minutes from Detroit, 2 hours from London, and 4 hours from Toronto. It is surrounded by Lakes Erie and St. Clair and the Detroit River. The Macdonald-Cartier Freeway (Highway 401) ends in Windsor, and serves to connect it with Toronto, Ontario, and Montreal, Quebec.  

One of the most obvious advantages of the Windsor-Essex Region is our location, at the heart of the richest consumer market in the world, where more than half of the North American population lives within an 8-hour drive.It is located 1.6 kms from Detroit, Michigan; 95 kms from Toledo, Ohio; 300 kms from Cleveland, Ohio; 30 kms from Toronto, Ontario; 460 kms from Chicago, IL. It is 420 kms from B; uffalo-Niagara Falls; 850 kms from Washington DC; 810 kms from Ottawa; 990 kms from New York; 885 kms from Montreal; 940 kms from Philadelphia, PA.


The Windsor-Essex Region is made up of the nine municipalities, encompassing a total area of 1,851 square kilometres. The eight municipalities include the city of Windsor, Lasalle, Tecumseh, Lakeshore, Amherstburg, Kingsville, Essex and Pelee Island. 

Windsor is surrounded by three major bodies of water; Lake St. Clair, Lake Erie and the Detroit River.  

The Essex County terrain includes numerous eco-structures including marshes, ponds, lagoons, beaches, shorelines, prairie, savanna, and oak woodland habitats that attract an abundance of wildlife. 



Source: Statistics Canada (web).

Explanation: In contrast to census figures, population estimates are adjusted for underenumeration


Windsor's economy is primarily based on manufacturing, tourism, education and government services. 

Windsor is one of Canada's major automobile manufacturing centres and is often referred to as the Automotive Capital of Canada. The city is home to the headquarters of Chrysler Canada. Automotive industries include the Chrysler mini-van assembly plant, a Ford Motor Company engine plant, a General Motors transmission plant, along with a number of smaller tool and die and automotive parts manufacturers. 

Windsor is the headquarters of Hiram Walker & Sons Limited,the makers of Canadian Club whisky, which is now owned by Pernod Ricard. Its historic distillery was founded by Hiram Walker in 1858 in what was then Walkerville, Ontario. 

There is also a significant local pharmaceutical industry with companies such as Accucaps, Pharmaphil, Jamieson Laboratories and Gelcell. 

Windsor has a well-established local tourism industry. Caesars Windsor (formerly Casino Windsor) ranks as one of the largest local employers and has been a major draw for U.S. visitors since it's opening in 1996. The city also boasts an extensive riverfront parks system and fine restaurants such as on Erie Street in Windsor¡¯s Little Italy which are also destination for many Americans. Additionally, the Lake Erie North Shore Wine Region in Essex County is bringing further tourism and employment growth to the region. 

Both the University of Windsor and St. Clair College are significant local employers and have enjoyed substantial growth and expansion in recent years. The recent addition of a full-program medical school which will open in September, 2008 at the University of Windsor is expected to further enhance both the region¡¯s economy and the status of the university. 

Other notable employers are Sutherland Global Services and Green Shield Canada which are all reflective of the Windsor region's diversifying economy. 

Windsor is also home to the Great Lakes Regional office of the International Joint Commission, which is housed in the Bank of Commerce Building, a 14-storey tall bank tower occupied by the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. 

Windsor is also home to prominent software companies, such as System 3 POS, Netmon, and VisionWorks Solutions. 


The Windsor-Essex Region has some of the most stable and affordable housing of any region its size in Ontario and in Canada. It offers excellent real estate values and prime locations. Based on the statistics of existing homes and properties sold through the Multiple Listing System ® compiled by CREA (The Canadian Real Estate Association), national average home sale price is forcasted to be $531,000 in 2021. Average home prices are estimated to be $399,977 in Windsor-Essex Region.

Here are ther current average housing prices for Canadian major cities, you can not overlook the move to Windsor-Essex Region:



Historic Buildings 

The Essex County area has a rich history. Windsor was a main entry point into Canada for refugees from slavery via the Underground Railroad, a network of people who assisted them to reach 'freedom' in Canada in the early 1800s. Sandwich First Baptist Church was built by these fugitive slaves after they arrived in Windsor. In 1851 the original log cabin was torn down and the present building was erected.  

Uncle Toms Cabin, in Dresden is an African Canadian Heritage Site preserving the heritage of Reverend Josiah Henson who inspired the world renowned novel "Uncle Tom's Cabin. 

Olde Sandwich Towne, founded in 1797, after the American Revolution, is Ontario's oldest, continually inhabited European settlement in Canada. Outdoor murals are painted on the walls depicting its rich history. 

For aeronautical history, Windsor offers an historical airplane flight over Windsor, Essex County & Pelee Island and a restored DeHavilland Mosquito Bomber.  

Downtown Windsor area has many historic buildings, including the Duff-Baby House, a manor dating from 1798. Other buildings are Willistead Manor, a 36 room mansion built by Hiram Walker's son in 1906, and Mackenzie Hall, which was built in 1855 by Alexander Mackenzie, the second prime minister of Canada, and is now an arts center. 

Special Attractions/Events 

Windsor tourist attractions include Casino Windsor, a lively downtown, Little Italy, the Art Gallery of Windsor, the Odette Sculpture Park, Ojibway Park, and nearby Point Pelee National Park. Windsor was a major entry point into Canada for refugees from slavery via the Underground Railroad and a major source of liquor during American Prohibition. The Capital Theatre in downtown Windsor had been a venue for feature films, plays and other attractions since 1929, until it declared bankruptcy on March 14, 2007. 

Windsor Wood Carving Museum is the only wood carving Museum in Ontario, housing over 150 carvings of wildlife, historical scenes and novelties. 

Colasantis Tropical Gardens, in Kingsville, is a three and a half acre greenhouse complex with an indoor petting zoo, a bird and reptile exhibit, and an18-hole indoor miniature golf course. 

There are many local wineries, breweries, and distilleries available for tours and tastings. They include Colio Estate Wines, D'Angelo Estate Winery, Erie Shore Vineyard & Winery, Hiram Walker and Sons Ltd, Pelee Island Winery, Walkerville Brewing Company and Sanson Estate Winery. 

Windsor Raceway/Racetrack Slots is Canada's premiere harness racing track. 

Essex County region has a thriving network of artists displayed in local galleries and public spaces throughout the region. The Art Gallery of Windsor provides historical, contemporary and educational exhibitions.  

Every summer Windsor co-hosts the two-week-long Windsor-Detroit International Freedom Festival, which culminates in a gigantic fireworks display that celebrates Canada Day and the American Independence Day. The fireworks display is among the world's largest and is held on the final Wednesday in June on the Detroit River between the two downtowns. Each year, the event attracts over a million spectators to both sides of the riverfront. 

Pelee Island, located in Lake Erie, is Canada's most southerly inhabited point, offering beautiful beaches, and natural areas. 

Interesting Facts

Windsor-Essex County region enjoys a greater diversity of agricultural production than any other part of Ontario. The climate and soil are ideal for vegetable and fruit crops including world-class grapes. 

Windsor has been nicknamed, "Sun Parlor of Canada",the "City of Roses", the "Automotive Capital of Canada" and the "Garden Gateway to Canada". 



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