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I realized early on in my Real Estate career that I would only succeed if my clients were totally happy and satisfied with my handling of their transactions. So I dedicated myself to that alone, and it has worked out very well for everyone. In this last year I have averaged almost one sale or purchase a week, so you see one of the things I am able to do is to get results for my clients!
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I started out as a Teacher! As my picture and name might suggest, I was born in China and received my Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Xiangtan. Then, for four years I taught English at the Wuhan Institute of Technology before setting off on the long trip to Windsor Ontario. I then spent two years at the University of Windsor gaining my Master's Degree in Education, equipping me for a Canadian teaching career.
Commercial life is somehow in my blood, and instead of teaching, I got a job as a mortgage broker, and for three years learned everything I could about property valuations, different financing situations and the mortgages suitable for each. Even more importantly, I learned how to get the right mortgage at the lowest possible net cost. I found it fascinating, but longed for a situation in which I would work more completely with clients. So I studied and became a licensed Real Estate agent.
Because of my background in mortgages, I very quickly mastered the technical detail and began a career with excellent sales and satisfaction results for my clients. After 8 years of very successful sales career at Deerbrook Realty Inc., I started a new and exciting adventure. I opened up my own real estate brokerage, LC Platinum Realty Inc., in August 2011.
Do I do all this by myself? You may wonder how I facilitate the purchase or sale of on average almost two properties a week, handle all the paperwork, answer all the questions, meet with new clients and keep everyone very satisfied. The first answer is that I work very hard, but I also have help! I have a team of excellent sales partners, technical specialists and efficient support staff working together with me as hard as I do.
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