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Maggie Chen
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For Years, Maggie Chen has been elevating the real estate experience.
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Highly recommend Maggie Chen and this brokerage! I will definitely be using LC Platinum Realty again in the future. Maggie is very easy to work with, very accommodating and very good at what she does. I had a meeting the day after I called her and my house was listed the following day. My house was only up for 6 days and on the 7th I accepted an offer for waaay more than I ever dreamed of getting. I can't thank Maggie Chen enough for her quick work and dedication to getting the best for her clients.
Sierra Temple
Worked with Maggie Chen twice within the past 4 years and on both occasions, experience with L.C Platinum is way above our expectation. Even this 5 star is not enough to appreciate what she did for us to buy and sell the house twice . Very professional, experienced and knows this Windsor market really in depth. Advice for a buyer or seller who wants to deal with Maggie, try your best to give her all proper information about your house and share what exactly you are thinking about your house when selling or buying. Maggie will do the rest to find the best outcome based on your requirements. Because she knows lots of tips and is a very smart individual.
Asif Ahmed
Working with Maggie was amazing. She was always available when needed and quick to respond. She is very detailed and focused to get the job done. Goes above and beyond for her clients. We would definitely recommend Maggie!
Jeff Sarazen
A Driven Direction In Real Estate
LC Platinum Realty Inc. is one of Windsor Essex's most visible real estate companies. By combining a solutions driven mindset and the sophistication of a professional brand, we are evolving the order of real estate.

We empower our Partners from start to finish by developing systems and strategies for a lifetime of success. With the Power of Platinum behind our Partners, their output is the most skilled, successful and well respected in the Windsor Essex real estate community.
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